Leedale Improves Productivity With Digital Transformation Through Telematics

About Leedale Ltd.

Since 1989, Leedale Ltd. has been providing waste management, transport and environmental solutions to both the public sector and commercial construction industry. Operating from offices in South Normanton, Alfreton, Derbyshire, the business prides itself on providing a diverse range of vehicles and services to local authorities, multinational companies, developers and contractors across the whole of the UK. Its fleet of 65 includes everything from road sweepers, plant and plant transport vehicles, grabbers, tippers and cranes, to tankers, road haulage, screeners and crushers.

The Challenge

As with most public sector and private construction jobs, costs are heavily scrutinised. Leedale was finding that its customers in both sectors were beginning to query the charges they were receiving for vehicle hire, duration of use and fuel. Without any in-cab communication to check on drivers, or any data to back up the invoices, customer relationships had the potential to become strained.

Leedale Ltd.’s fleet was also subject to damage due to the range of environments it was operating in. However, paper-based vehicle checks were becoming an extremely arduous task, preventing the vehicles from being quickly redeployed, costing the business time and money.

The Solution

Leedale Ltd. turned to Teletrac Navman’s MNAV 950 in-cab communication unit to aid with instant communication between drivers and operating bases, and better route planning. Additionally, the MNAV 950 can be taken out of cab and used as a paper-less vehicle defect notification system that integrates directly with fleet management software.

The software Leedale Ltd. progressed with was Teletrac Navman’s DIRECTOR platform, which is an advanced fleet tracking system that provides fleet managers access to real time data in one easy-to-use interface. DIRECTOR’s Smart Telematics performance reporting function enabled Leedale to set-up detailed reports regarding vehicle usage, distance covered, any idling times or excessive fuel use, and identify incidences of poor driver productivity to adjust charges where necessary.

The Results

Since implementing Teletrac Navman’s end-to-end solution, Leedale Ltd. has been able to:

• Provide 100% fair and accurate charges to its customers
• Improve the productivity of its workforce by 75%
• Improve the redeployment of its fleet by 30%
• Retrain drivers based on Smart Telematics performance data

Oliver Walkup, Commercial Director at Leedale Ltd., said: “Teletrac Navman’s telematics solution has been the cornerstone of our digital transformation and revolutionised the way we operate. Costs are everything in our industry, so being able to provide the level of detail we now can has been key to us building long-term contracts.

“The capabilities, ease-of use, and efficiencies associated with Teletrac Navman’s integrated solution has made us the most productive we’ve been in our history, which is having a considerably positive impact on our bottom line.”