Soil sampling and testing is an important part in the construction and housing industry and our soil sample testing service has been developed to meet the requirements of today’s demanding construction programs.

We offer a professional, fast and reliable soil testing service that will examine your soil’s chemical and geotechnical properties and deliver accurate test results.

Our site visit to test soil includes:

Preparation of sampling plan in accordance with WM3

Mobilisation of Site Engineer within 24 hours, to attend site to advise on sample plan, segregation strategy and carry out all sampling requirements.  Standard testing suite & waste classification interpretation

Metals(total) As/Cd/Cr/Cu/Pb/Hg/Ni/Se/Zn

Chromium (III & VI), pH, PAH (EPA16), PAH (Oil8), TPH (C5-C10, C10-C25, C25-C40)

TPH chromatogram to be included in results

Testing carried out at UKAS accredited laboratory with MCERTS (soil) standard

Interpretation of the sample test results proving the correct waste classification for each sample location

Provision of Waste Classification Report

Report to include site description and sample methodology, sample location plan, site photographs, waste classification, segregation strategy and waste treatment and removal options

For further advice on our soil testing service please call 01773 512220



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