Brand New Bespoke On Site Road Sweeper & Gully Waste Reception Facility

Leedale are excited to announce they have agreed to purchase a brand new bespoke on site road sweeper & gully waste reception facility from Sweeptech Environmental Services!

The New System will allow our Road Sweeping & Gully Department the following benefits:

✔️Waste Disposal Compliance

✔️Material Recycling

✔️Sustainability improvement

✔️Carbon footprint reduction

✔️Environmental protection

✔️Waste disposal cost reduction

✔️Revenue generation opportunity

The processing will out allow us to the capability to do the following:

  • Immediate solid and waste water separation at the point of, or within close proximity, of wet waste cleansing extraction.
  • Immediate suspended solid separation from liquid waste/sludge fraction delivering particle free grey water that can be compliantly discharged on site to foul through discharge permit delivering a disposal cost of this fraction at pence per m3.
  • Retention of solid mass for off site recycling.

Thanks to Shaun & Martin at Sweeptech throughout the ordering process!


This will be a great addition and further confirms our commitment to waste recycling from our Alfreton Waste Recycling Centre. ♻️♻️♻️♻️